specific goals


The Sustainable Urban Development Strategy of the Municipality of Kavala is the result of the Municipality’s overall development planning. It includes 14 projects which aim to:

  • enhance and promote the cultural assets of the area,
  • improve its accessibility and information infrastructure,
  • upgrade the energy efficiency of its infrastructures,
  • strengthen entrepreneurship in the sectors of tourism, culture and creative industries, and
  • eliminate inequalities and exclusion of socially vulnerable groups, emphasizing on people with disabilities.
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urban center of Kavala

intervention area

The intervention includes the city center, the quarters of Agios Ioannis, Agios Nikolaos, and Panagia, the greater part of the quarters of Agios Pavlos, Agios Georgios, and a small part of the quarter of “Sougiolou”, with a total area of 1 sq.km. and population of 12,276 inhabitants.

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the implementing body


The implementing body of the Sustainable Urban Development Strategy (SUDS) is a consortium of relevant bodies, coordinated by the Municipality of Kavala. The multifaceted and complicated nature of urban issues requires collective, coordinated, and multilateral strategies that involve many agents. In this perspective, collaboration and involvement of the relevant bodies is considered as the most successful way to attain the Municipality’s goals.

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