projects 2014-2020

energy efficiency upgrade

12th elementary school



The project aims to:

  • upgrade the energy efficiency of the buildings and the courtyard of the 12th Elementary School of Kavala [exterior thermal insulation (shell), passive shading systems, extra energy-efficient lights, solar panels cluster of a total area of 100 m2 to provide warm water, and more],
  • improve the accessibility infrastructure for people with disabilities; for instance, by installing an elevator and constructing an outdoor ramp,
  • establish new sanitation facilities and renovate the existing ones,
  • create a greenhouse at the dressing-room rooftop, and
  • reshape the surrounding space with plantings.

expected benefits

Among the expected benefits are:

  • the low energy footprint of the school,
  • saving energy and financial resources required for the school operation, and
  • nurturing ecological consciousness in children.

The energy-efficient buildings are linked to multiple benefits, contributing to the:

  • decrease of greenhouse gas emissions,
  • decrease of dependency on fossil fuels,
  • treating atmosphere pollution in cities,
  • tackling energy poverty, and
  • improving the every-day lives of people residing in them.