projects 2014-2020

study for the valorization of the old buildings

tobacco warehouses



The following are expected as part of the study:

  • creating a tobacco warehouse register,
  • recording all the relevant town-planning, traffic, and urban data,
  • collecting all testimonies and scientific papers in order to comprehend and define the cultural value of tobacco warehouses,
  • identifying successful and comparable case studies about the valorization of industrial building complexes,
  • investigating the legal framework regarding actions for the restoration and valorization of the Tobacco Warehouses,
  • establishing the fundamental principles and approach for the interventions,
  • describing the proposed scenarios and required tasks,
  • searching for funding tools to implement the interventions,
  • drawing a business plan for a single tobacco warehouse, and
  • identifying a proper administrative body that will manage the restoration and reuse venture.

expected benefits

The project aims to protect and highlight the monuments of the city’s modern history, improve the quality of life, and enhance local financial activities through the proposed solutions for the valorization of the buildings.

Additional benefits:

  • focusing on tobacco warehouses as monuments and as a collection of buildings / building complexes and even as a former industrial landscape,
  • activating the process of collective planning for the valorization and management by owners, competent bodies, and other interested parties,
  • providing the conditions to prevent the downgrading and abandonment of the buildings and the surrounding space and to encourage their reuse,
  • highlighting various city’s needs that can be served by these old buildings
  • bringing forth suitable business activities via new investment initiatives that will include the reuse of specific old buildings, and
  • enhancing the distinct identity of the city.