projects 2014-2020

rehabilitation and extension of the pedestrian walkways network

kapnergatis square



Rehabilitating and extending the pedestrian walkways network in the area of Kapnergatis Square is a significant project for the revival of the city center of Kavala. The project includes:

  • The pedestrianization of Kassandrou Street (the section between Ethnarchou Makariou and Averof Streets), Averof Street (the section between Omonoias and Eleftheriou Venizelou Streets), and of the anonymous road in front of the Municipal Tobacco Warehouse.
  • Rendering Ethnarchou Makariou Street and Dagkli Street into one-way streets (with direction from Omonoias Street towards Konstantinou Paleologou Street).
  • Designing and constructing water areas and flowerbeds of different plantings.
  • Designing, constructing, and placing urban equipment along the pedestrian walkways and the sidewalks.
  • Reforming the intermediate routes, hard surfaces, and small slopings of Kapnergatis Square.

expected benefits

Kapnergatis Square will develop into a recreation focal point for all the inhabitants and visitors of the city. These interventions create a modern and quality public space while they secure movement and accessibility for everyone, including people with disabilities, as there is planning for blind people routes, small-gradient ramps, use of slip-resistant paving material, and more.

Benefits can be summarized as follows:

  • The residential environment of the area will be upgraded in terms of aesthetics and functionality. The establishment of new pedestrian walkways as well as their linking to the existing network will contribute to the safe and unhindered movement of the pedestrians.
  • Vehicle use will be limited which will result in the reduction of sound pollution and carbon dioxide emissions. Furthermore, green areas will be increased and the area’s micro-climate will be improved.
  • Commercial activities and visitation in the area will be improved, while the Kapnergatis Square will be highlighted as a new urban focal point.
  • The building of the Municipal Tobacco Warehouse along with other historical buildings and monuments, which are reference points of the square, will be also highlighted.