projects 2014-2020

restoration of buildings along the land wall and regeneration of their open space

former Krei property



The project aims to reshape a specific plot –former Krei property, currently owned by the Ministry of Culture– into an open space for cultural activities. The concerned plot is adjacent to the exterior side of the fortification of the lower town of Kavala and next to the Old Aqueduct.

The two bordering buildings will be restored and will acquire new use. More specifically, the first one will operate under the Ephorate of Antiquities of Kavala-Thassos as an Open Centre for the Conservation of Antiquities (marble, mosaic, ceramic, and icons). The second one will operate under the Municipality of Kavala as a centre for cultural activities and entertainment as well as an observation point to the open space, the fortification of the lower town and the Old Aqueduct. Furniture and other proper equipment will be placed in the open space of the plot, in order to facilitate cultural events and performances.

expected benefits

The interventions are expected to:

  • restore, valorize, and promote assets of particular cultural value,
  • embellish and upgrade the area,
  • enrich the cultural and tourist product of the city and strengthen its current potential (social, financial, cultural, and environmental),
  • contribute to the development of special and alternative tourism (cultural, urban, educational, professional, conference tourism),
  • support local cultural services with the operation of a new infrastructure for scientists and artists and especially with the Open Centre for the Conservation of Antiquities,
  • introduce the science of conservation to various groups of visitors,
  • contribute to the promotion of neighboring monuments, the northeastern gate (G12) of the lower town’s fortification, and the Old Aqueduct.

The Open Centre for the Conservation of Antiquities, apart from executing the typical tasks and processes taking place during the conservation of antiquities, will be open for visits by students of any educational level as well as by anyone interested.