projects 2014-2020

extension of electric lighting network and catering of ported boards

central port



The project aims at the improvement of land and port facilities in the area of the windward pier at the Central Port of Kavala, extending from the slopes of the “Panagia” quarter up to the pier’s end, which is the anchoring area for cruise ships. Works include:

  • repairing interventions on the road surface and the reinforcements of the windward pier seawall,
  • arming the seawall with modern buffers,
  • improving the road network of the port’s land area, and
  • installing electrical and mechanical infrastructure on the windward pier: lighting, electrification, fire safety equipment, and water supply for the incoming vessels.

expected benefits

On the project’s completion, the Central Port of Kavala will acquire modern infrastructure and will be functionally and aesthetically upgraded.

The upgraded provided services will include vending machines to supply electricity and water to the anchored vessels, as well as an electrically-lighted road network in the port’s land zone, to be utilized by crew and passengers of anchored ships (mainly cruise ships), the city’s visitors, and tourism businessmen and professionals.

Benefits can be summarized as follows:

  • Improvement of the accessibility and functionality of the windward pier of the Central Port of Kavala.
  • Improvement of the actual safety for those using the port and the anchored vessels.
  • Upgrade of the services provided by Kavala Port Authority S.A.
  • Improvement of the overall tourism product of Kavala.