projects 2014-2020

a modern place of experience




This project includes several interventions aiming at the functional use of the spaces in the Fortress of Kavala and specifically, the officers’ dormitory, the ammunition and food store, later converted to prison, and the circular tower (donjon). The purpose is to enrich the visitor’s experience and to promote the Fortress as a distinctive place of experience and culture.

More specifically, the project includes:

  • design and development of multimedia applications and the installation of modern information, education, and entertainment media (video projections, 3D illustrations, digital prints, interactive applications, digital tours, and more),
  • supply of digital and exhibition equipment,
  • improvement of indoor climate conditions in the three concerned buildings,
  • design, construction, and placement of a signage system,
  • branding of the site, and
  • promotion of the Fortress with modern practices and with emphasis on its new services and infrastructure.

expected benefits

The core result of this project is the new use, which the three concerned buildings of the Fortress will acquire, as so far they have remained empty and can be visited and perceived solely as parts of the overall fortification architecture of the Acropolis of Kavala.

The Fortification of Kavala’s peninsula and its Acropolis are already considered as landmarks of the region, featuring a stable increasing tendency in visitation. Therefore, the specific project aims to capitalize the site’s value accumulated over the past years, to enrich the existing service-product and to “open the gates” of the Acropolis to a new, broadened audience, the local society, the city’s visitors, and the educational community.

The expected benefits can be summarized as follows:

  • increased number of visitors,
  • operation of the Fortress as an education center,
  • accessibility improvement for people with disabilities,
  • visibility of the monument,
  • protection of the material and immaterial local cultural heritage, and
  • awareness raising regarding the value of the local cultural heritage.