projects 2014-2020

vulnerable social groups in the tourism and cultural sectors

capacity building programmes



The project aims to provide entrepreneurship consultancy, business training, knowledge and skills certifications for the vulnerable social group of unemployed people. Specifically, the following training programmes will take place for 100 beneficiaries:

  • ceramic and pottery techniques,
  • wood processing and manufacturing techniques,
  • tobacco processing and packaging,
  • graphic arts,
  • digital marketing and distribution of local products through e-commerce and social media networks, and
  • restaurant know-how.

expected benefits

The Sustainable Urban Development Strategy of the Municipality of Kavala has identified that the local workforce is insufficiently trained in regard to services and professions linked to the tourism sector, as well as that there is a low degree of use of innovative tools and practices in the fields of tourism and culture.

This project responds to the existing deficiencies, by training 100 beneficiaries in selected specialties and professional activities linked to the tourism and culture sectors, which helps unique features of the city (for instance, the history of tobacco labor, the ever-lasting presence of the port, and the craftsmanship of ship carpenters) to be highlighted and the city to become more attractive to citizens, visitors, and entrepreneurs.

The programme will support 100 unemployed people between 24 and 45 years old, who are facing the difficulties of exclusion from the job market. Beneficiaries are expected to develop entrepreneurial activities or to be integrated into the job market, while the tourism and cultural services will be supported.