projects 2007-2013

interior reshaping of the municipal tobacco warehouse

cultural center



The project is about the interior reshaping of the Municipal Tobacco Warehouse of Kavala, in order to house the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Kavala and specifically the following:

  • The municipal historical archive
  • Exhibition of the archive and works of the artist Polignotos Vagis
  • The municipal art exhibition
  • The municipal folklore exhibition
  • The municipal folklore exhibition
  • Halls for various events

The project includes the following tasks:

  • Reshaping the interior of the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Kavala
  • Supplying and installing IT and communications equipment
  • Supplying furniture and special structures
  • Supplying lighting installations
  • Supplying museum mannequins
  • Supplying exhibition material
  • Exhibition objects conservation

expected benefits

The project is expected to:

  • Preserve, highlight, and promote local cultural heritage with the establishment of permanent periodic exhibitions and digital applications..
  • Create modern infrastructure for cultural use (halls for periodic exhibitions and various events).
  • Encourage scientific discussions (among folklorists, ethnologists, historians, archivists, art historians, and more).
  • Educate the youth and the broad audience regarding local history and culture topics.
  • Valorize a building (Municipal Tobacco Warehouse), which is a major part of local cultural heritage and classified as “monument” and “work of art” by the Greek Ministry of Culture.
  • Enrich the cultural and tourism product of the region.