projects 2014-2020

investigation on spatial allocation for accessibility infrastructure

at the old town



The Old Town of Kavala (“Panagia” quarter) is a typical case of a medieval fortified settlement, the habitation of which continued uninterruptedly up until the modern era, resulting in a town network with narrow winding streets and limited accessibility. This feature, combined with the characteristics of the natural landscape of the peninsula and the medieval fortification which is still preserved and functions as the quarter’s border, make the accessibility to the Old Town a major issue.

The project’s deliverable includes a sum of topographic, architectural, archaeological, and real-estate data, which will result in spatial allocation proposals and access options to the historical quarter of Panagia from the lower town [lift, stairs, new paths and routes within the quarter (with the fortification wall being the border), peripheral route out of the quarter].

expected benefits

The topographic, architectural, archaeological, and real-estate data are required in order to prepare and publish a call for tender for the studies on the vertical connection of the peninsula with the lower town.

The future implementation of this connection will improve the accessibility issue in an area which is attractive for both locals and visitors. The accessibility infrastructure works will contribute to the reduction of major traffic problems in the area as well as to the decrease of atmospheric, sound, and aesthetic pollution caused by vehicles.