projects 2007-2013

restoration works

“megali leschi” (grand club)



The restoration of “Megali Leschi” (Grand Club) of Kavala includes interventions for the static reinforcement of building elements, installations of new electromechanical, hydraulic, heating, cooling, and fire safety networks, as well as the construction of an elevator and a ramp for the accessibility of disabled people.

The interventions also include the preservation and restoration of all the interior coatings, the existing painted decoration (wall paintings), the equipment (carved porcelain heaters, wooden furniture-antiques, and more), as well as the supply and installation of new equipment and furniture.

expected benefits

  • Restoration of an “inactive” monument of the city.
  • Protection and promotion of local heritage.
  • Reuse and operation of a monument as a venue for events (exhibitions, conferences, concerts, and more)
  • Visibility of Kyprou Street and all of its monuments.
  • Enrichment of the cultural and tourism product of the city.