projects 2014-2020

establishment of entrepreneurship and innovation support structures

kick it



“Kick iT” is a non-profit structure to support innovative entrepreneurship within tourism, cultural and creative industries. It aspires to introduce new ways and processes of innovative entrepreneurship to businesses, in order for them to gain and maintain competitive advantage in current and new markets, increasing profitability and generating new employment positions in the local job market.

“Kick iT” will provide the following support services to 50 business groups:

  • Specialized training over the foundations of entrepreneurship..
  • Mentoring.
  • Networking actions.
  • Legal and accounting support.
  • Funding solutions identification.
  • Coordination and evaluation of their progress.

expected benefits

Launching “Kick iT” is one of the most significant initiatives for the financial and social regeneration of the region and a venture for the establishment of a permanent programme for business acceleration in the Municipality of Kavala. It will enhance entrepreneurship, (self-)employment, research, innovation, creation of new and inventive small and medium-sized enterprises.

The expected benefits are the following:

  • Contribution to the development of sustainable business models.
  • Cultivation of beneficiaries’ business culture and specialized knowledge.
  • Encouragement of the cooperation among all quadruple helix stakeholders.
  • Contribution to a broader positive financial change.
  • Development of tourism, culture, and creative industries.
  • Prevention of “brain drain”.

beneficiaries (target group)

Βeneficiaries of the project are potential or active entrepreneurs in the fields of tourism, cultural and creative industries. Both individuals and groups can participate. Entrepreneurs must be located in the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace.