projects 2014-2020

integrated information system for visitors and citizens




The project consists of two systems:

  • The “innovative interactive information center for visitors and citizens of the Municipality of Kavala” that will be installed at the ground floor of the Municipal Tobacco Warehouse of Kavala (Kapnergatis Square). It is an interactive tourist information center, an “Infopoint”, for the promotion of the tourist and cultural product of the area. Infopoint will provide modern and alternative information channels via the operation of nine innovative interactive systems.
  • The “information and tour system for visitors and citizens of the Municipality of Kavala”, whose services will be available via a Wi-Fi network throughout the intervention area of the Sustainable Urban Development Strategy (commercial streets, squares, and more). It is an interactive multimedia application that will provide a digital tour of the city, an interactive map with interest points, and access to useful information.

expected benefits

  • Improving the quality of services provided to visitors.
  • Enhancing promotion and visibility of the Municipality’s cultural heritage and points of interest.
  • Valorizing a historical building (Municipal Tobacco Warehouse), which is classified as “monument” and “work of art” by the Greek Ministry of Culture.
  • Rendering broadband services available to visitors and citizens of the Municipality of Kavala.