projects 2007-2013

creation of a green area and lighting infrastructure at the protection zone

west coastal wall



The project is about the valorization of the area west of the peninsula of Panagia (Old Town of Kavala), outside the coastal wall and at the eastern section of the Port of Kavala, by creating a green area, implementing several space reshaping actions, and installing appropriate lighting for the monument.

The interventions aim at creating a protection zone for the monument, maintaining functions and structures in a distance, and securing the monument’s visibility and the aesthetics of the surrounding space. Furthermore, creating a green area and a promenade in this zone contributes to the upgrade and improvement of its appearance, while it adds to the imposing natural slope, which was once part of the coastline and continues to function as an inseparable feature of the area’s character.

Moreover, the project includes the construction of a sewage network in the coastal wall area.

expected benefits

The benefits can be summarized as follows:

  • creation of a green area,
  • creation of a recreational area,
  • interventions to facilitate the movement of people with disabilities,
  • potential for bicycle use,
  • protection and promotion of the coastal wall.