projects 2014-2020

publicity and awareness activities concerning the SUDS




Publicity and awareness in regard to the implementation of the Sustainable Urban Development Strategy of the Municipality of Kavala include organizing events for the promotion of the co-funded projects, symposia and citizens’ workshops, producing informative and promotional material, developing an official website, managing accounts and advertisements in social media, as well as bringing these matters to public attention through local news media (radio stations, TV, print and online press).

The website will include all information regarding the strategy, content, and progress of the projects, newsletters, as well as symposia and other activities’ material. Ongoing feed will be posted on Facebook and Instagram regarding the projects’ course, particular promotion and publicity actions, while all citizens’ questions will be addressed.

expected benefits

Among the expected benefits are:

  • the public awareness regarding the activities of the Municipality of Kavala in the field of urban development,
  • the establishment of a clear understanding of the Sustainable Urban Development Strategy,
  • the comprehension of the projects contents and of the change they will introduce in the citizens’ every-day life and the Municipality’s identity,
  • the information on the progress and the results of the projects,
  • the potential of capitalizing on the projects’ results,
  • Informing citizens about the investment of the European Union’s financial resources in the region.